Mission and attributions

The mission of the CRL, as a tripartite body, is to support collective bargaining and monitor the evolution of employment and qualifications, in terms of both quantity and quality, articulating, on a complementary basis, with other public bodies with competencies in collective bargaining, employment and professional training.
Within its scope of support to collective bargaining and monitoring of employment and professional training policies, the CRL's main duties and objectives are the following:
  • monitoring the implementation of strategic concertation agreements with regard to the instruments of collective labour regulation;
  • establishing a data collection system, following-up and monitoring collective bargaining and publishing indicators on the evolution of collective bargaining on an annual basis;
  • preparing and disclosing reports on the evolution of collective bargaining and socio-economic information on the employment market;
  • disclosing good practices in collective bargaining;
  • conducting studies on collective bargaining;
  • supporting the publication and disclosure of relevant information on collective bargaining, as well as studies conducted by the CRL and others on the same subject, drawn up in Portugal or in other countries;
  • contributing to the diagnosis and prevention of employment and professional training problems, in particular those relating to imbalances between demand and supply, quality and dynamics of employment, qualifications, socio-occupational integration and reintegration and training needs;
  • monitoring the implementation of measures and programmes of action in the field of employment and professional training;
  • cooperating, at a national and international level, with public and private entities in actions and projects related to the CRL’s subject areas.