The CRL is a tripartite body, whose members are represented by the Social Partners represented in the Standing Committee for Social Concertation (CPCS). Thus, the structure of the CRL includes:
  • Four representatives from the Ministry responsible for labour issues;
  • One representative of each of the employers' associations represented in the Standing Committee for Social Concertation (CPCS), namely the Confederation of Portuguese Farmers (CAP), the Confederation of Portuguese Trade and Services (CCP), the Portuguese Business    Confederation (CIP) and the Portuguese Tourism Confederation (CTP);
  • Two representatives of each of the trade union associations represented in the CPCS, namely the General Confederation of Portuguese Workers (CGTP-IN) and the General Union of Workers (UGT).
The composition of the CRL was set forth by an Order of the Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security, published in the second series of the Official Journal D.R.E. (Order No.3689/2018), updated by Order No. 11095/2018 and by Order No. 9207/2021.
The Centre is to be chaired by one of its members, subject to annual rotation; the other members of the CRL designate the Chairperson.



Composition of the Centre for Labour Relations
Members Effective Substitute
ACT Jorge Manuel M. Pinhal Ernestina Silva
DGERT Ana Cristina Rebelo da Silva Couto de Olim Rui Manuel do Carmo Abreu
IEFP António Valadas da Silva Catarina Campos
GEP Antonieta do Rosário P. S .Ministro Maria Teresa Fernandes Feliciano
Trade Union Confederations
CGTP-IN Ana Isabel Lopes Pires Fernando José Machado Gomes
José Rodrigues Oliveira Fernando M. Pires Marques
UGT Sérgio Monteiro do Monte Luis F. Oliveira Costa
Carlos M. Anjos Alves José M. da Luz Cordeiro
Confederations of Employers
CAP Cristina Nagy Morais Pedro Miguel R. da Costa Pereira
CCP Ana Cristina Vieira Alberto J. Lança de Sá e Mello
CIP Nuno M. V. Nobre Biscaya Luís Henrique
CTP Nuno da Silva Bernardo António A. da Cunha Abrantes